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Blogging for Riches – Instantly???

August 31, 2006

Chris Garret over at Performancing wrote this excellent post that you should go read. Especially if you are just starting out with blogging. Click here to read the post.

It’s important to keep things in perspective and I have seen the same thing Chris is talking about. A lot of people think blogging is the road to riches, but just like any business it takes hard work, and lots of time to make money with blogging.

PS. You should also read the post Chris refers to on workboxers and my post from last week titled “Don’t buy everything that comes along.”

New Press Release for our Wiki

August 31, 2006

We released a new press release yesterday for our homeschooling wiki. You can see it on our homeschooling wiki by clicking here.

The press release announces the winner of our homeschooling contest. (Note: I plan on writing a post on the things I learned from running the contest in the near future)

We have had mixed results with our press releases, but we did get at least one new link out of it and some extra traffic.

We submitted it both to PRWEB and to a few homeschooling news sites and blogs. According to our PRWEB statistics it was read 13,781 times and their estimated number of pickups is 107. In other words, they estimate that 107 sites picked up the story.

I recommend you try releasing a press release for your online business every now and then to boost your traffic and spark more interest in your site. It has worked for me, it will work for you too.

Be patient though, not every press release will get the same amount of attention. I also highly recommend that if you submit the release to PRWEB you spend at least 10 dollars to upgrade the release. I believe it is well worth it.

New Poll – What Interviews Would You Like to See?

August 30, 2006

Based on the results of my last poll, I have decided to start a new poll.

If I start doing interviews on this blog, I want to know what you would like to learn MOST from the Interviews?

  1. Traffic Building
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Website Conversion
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Running a Business
  7. E-mail Marketing
  8. Website Monetization
  9. Web Design
  10. Joint Ventures
  11. Making Big Money Online
  12. Copywriting
  13. Other

Go vote and/or let me know your thoughts (especially if you choose other)...

And thanks again for participating in my previous polls!

Poll Results – What would you like changed

August 29, 2006

In my last poll I asked the question:

“What would you consider to be the most remarkable improvement I could make to this blog?”

And here are the results in order of votes:

  • Change the Layout and Design: 21% (5)
  • Add Guest Interviews: 17% (4)
  • Review more Internet Marketing Products/Ebooks: 12% (3)
  • Add Beginner Level Tutorials on Various Topics That I Write About: 12% (3)
  • Write More Detail About my Businesses: 12% (3)
  • Highlight Most Popular Posts: 8% (2)
  • Write more series like “Ways to Make Money Online” Series: 8% (2)
  • Add Beginner Level Video Tutorials: 4% (1)
  • Add More Writers: 4% (1)
  • Add Video Blog Entries: 0% (0)
  • Post More Frequently 2-3 Times a Day: 0% (0)
  • Post Longer More Detailed Posts: 0% (0)

Total Votes : 24

So the winner (and the one I was leaning towards as a first step) is changing the layout/design of the blog. I have never been completely happy with the layout of this blog. I would prefer 3 columns and a more profesional look. So that will be first on my list.

I was surprised that adding interviews came in second. That was a bit eye opening. I was also surprised that adding video blog entries didn’t get any votes.

Anyway, I hope to use some of this information to transform my blog into a Purple Cow.

Thank you for voting!

The Bottom Line – End of the Make Money Online Series

August 28, 2006

Originally, in this series I planned on reviewing various ways of making money online. I was going to include surveys, selling on ebay, selling products and services, using Adsense, blogging, forums, informational sites, drop shipping, ecommerce, affiliate programs, and the like.

I have decided to cut this series short, because what most of you have told me in a previous poll is that you are interested in making Big Money.

You can’t expect to make big money online with some of these things. In fact, making big money online almost always takes hard work and a unique business idea. So with that said, I am going to drop this series and instead focus on other things like reviewing products that will help get both you and I to the point where we are making Big Money.

To start things off, here is my list of the top 10 things that I believe you and I need to do to make Big Money Online:

1. Be Remarkable!
2. Be Remarkable!
3. Be Remarkable!
4. Be Remarkable!
5. Be Remarkable!
6. Be Remarkable!
7. Be Remarkable!
8. Be Remarkable!
9. Be Remarkable!
10. Be Remarkable!

I have mentioned in the past Seth Godin’s book, the Purple Cow and how important it is to be remarkable. While there are many ways to monetize a site:

1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Links
3. Products (Software, ebooks, etc.)
4. Services
5. Various Pay Per Click services like Chitika, etc.
6. Selling advertising

The way I see it, you have to find a way to make your online business stand out over the long haul to make big money online. Whether you create a blog, website, wiki, etc. The bottom line is that to make Big Money online you have to be remarkable.

Start thinking of ways to make your current website or a new website remarkable, make it stand out from the crowd. That’s my current plan for making big money online. I will let you know how it goes…

Week in Review August 25th 2006

August 25, 2006

This week, I came up with a short term plan for my business. I have been working very hard at my 9-5 job, which has left less time than usual to spend on my online business. This happens sometimes.

I am also spending some time reviewing an Internet Marketing product, and I plan on writing a review for it in a couple of weeks. The problem is that there is so much material to go through, so it is taking a very long time to go through all of it. On the upside it’s been really, really, good material so far.

I have a bunch of posts in the “draft” state for this blog, because I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but have not had time this week to finish them.

Anyhow, that’s it for this week’s business update.

Big Venture Capital Out There

August 24, 2006

My brother sent me this article today from cnn about some of the venture capital available out there. It’s fairly interesting. Some of the projects are projects that I could put together a good team to complete.

It’s something I might want to consider pursuing at some point. Anyway, go check out the article, at the very least it’s interesting to see what kind of projects the venture capitalists are looking to fund.

My New Short Term Business Plan – The First Step

August 23, 2006

As you may know, I have been working on creating new goals for our business and on an overall vision for our business. Jill and I had a lot of ideas for a long term business plan. We chose to start with the simplest idea that came to us, which is going to be our short term business plan. Our long term vision and long term business plan is yet to be decided on.

I have listed many of the general goals that I have for my online business in the past (here , here, and here). We decided that any plans we made had to fit our long term business goals. I am going to list some of our long term business goals that are playing a big part in our short term plans. Here they are:

1. The business has to leverage our strengths (outsource and/or barter the rest).

2. Have Fun – do things we enjoy.

3. Help Others.

4. Needs to be able to provide Big Money.

5. Something that allows us to make a living without requiring too much time. For me that means an online business that long term only takes up to a maximum of 30 hours a week. Which means it needs to almost run on auto-pilot.

6. While Jill will be involved, Jill has no intention of being involved the amount of time I am involved. So the bulk of the income has to come by leveraging my strengths (see #1).

With those overall goals in mind, we came up with a list of ideas. We chose the following idea as our short term plan:

For now, just pick about 4 of our websites to revamp. Turn them into Purple Cows and decide where to go from there with the extra money this creates.

So, now we are at the stage of picking our top few websites to revamp. We may revamp all of them during this process and/or decide to dump one or two. On the top of both of our lists is our homeschooling wiki. Jill and I are both happy with the vision we have created for it and we both love it’s potential, are both involved in the community it targets, and in general have a really good feeling about it. So our primary business focus over the coming months will be promoting and working on our homeschooling wiki.

Next, on my list is this blog. I really enjoy writing on the topic of Internet Marketing and really enjoy discussing this journey. I am just starting to work on the new vision for this blog. I am going to make use of the feedback you have provided in my current poll. When I have completed the plan, I will let you know.

Third on our list is our Summer Olympics blog and Winter Olympics blog. We have a lot vested in them and have already made big plans for the upcoming olympics with them. We have a strong vision for them. It’s mostly an issue of implementation now.

Fourth, we have some things we will be doing for Jill and her friend’s Delightful Child site. Some of these changes will come sooner and some later. Some of the changes to their site are likely to be outsourced to a web designer. While I enjoy web design, ultimately I have to cut some of my tasks to focus on the strengths of mine that will bring us the most long term money.

During this process, we will continue to write posts on our blogs and to generaly maintain our sites, but we will be changing our focus to focus on what we enjoy the most and what fits with our long term goals.

Our long term business plans are yet to be determined. Some of the ideas we have for long term business plans will be affected by the results of our short term plans. I will keep you updated on our progress.

BTW - I am going to start going through the process of goal setting with other areas of my life in order to keep a good balance between my business and my life outside of my business.

I can’t believe I put this off for so long…

August 22, 2006

There have been several plugins on my blogs that I have wanted to install, but just haven’t found the time to do so. However, Saturday night I went ahead and installed the plug-in highest on my list onto most of our blogs. I am SOOOOO happy I did.

One of the things that I really like on some blogs is seeing a list of related posts at the end of a post. I have been meaning to install a plug-in to do this, because I think it ads so much value to a blog. I for one, stick around on blogs longer when they have a list of related posts at the end of a post. In other words, it’s a great way to make your blog “sticky” (ie. make it so people stay on your blog longer).

So, this weekend I installed the related entries plug-in that you can get by clicking here. It was easy to install. The only problem I ran into is that I had to run the longer setup, but it worked fine (and was pretty quick).

If you have a blog, I highly recommend adding the related entries plug-in. It will give your readers a better user experience, which in the long run is bound to make your blog more successful.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the new plug-in, hate it, don’t care either way?

Don’t Buy Everything That Comes Along

August 21, 2006

If you are like me and subsccribe to a lot of Internet Marketing newsletters, and read a lot of Internet Marketing blogs, then you probaly get bombarded by the latest and greatest money making oppurtunities. A friend of mine recently bought something she said was not so good. The problem was that it was really a bit too advanced for her. If someone had told her, that not anyone can use this and you need some web development experience to use this, it would have saved her a bunch of money.

My suggestion to you is:

‘Don’t Buy Everything That Comes Along!’

I really hate it when Internet Marketing Gurus push tons of products (including junky ones), without warning you who the product is best suited for and what the limitations of the product are.

The bottom line is that you need to know what your goals for your business are, before buying any “get rich” products. Don’t get sidetracked into pursuing the latest and greatest oppurtunity to make money.

For me this eliminates many of the “get rich quick” products and puts into play products that are more likely to increase my knowledge base in areas that will help me reach my goals quicker.

Set goals and create a vision for your business first. Then determine what products will help you reach your goals faster.

And whenver you buy anything remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Play the Adsense Game

August 17, 2006

This is an interesting way to promote your website, almost a Purple Cow type of idea.

Go Play The AdSense Game!


Mailing Lists and Website Traffic

August 17, 2006

Last week, I answered a question from a reader about getting traffic to an ecommerce site. With all sites, but especially ecommerce sites just about every Internet Marketer will tell you that it is very important to build a list of customers and potential customers.

If you really hate the idea of running a newsletter then you at least need to maintain a customer list. Research has shown that it is around five times easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you.

Also, with a customer list or newsletter you won’t be as reliant on Search Engine Traffic to make good money. If your Search Engine rankings go down the tubes and you have a solid customer list or a solid newsletter subscription base you will still have people you can sell your products and services to.

Note: This is also true of a blog readership, via RSS subscriptions. Which is why it’s important to get people to subscribe to your blog feed.

Not only do most Internet Marketers suggest this, but I have personally found having a newsletter to be very valuable as well.

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