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July 13, 2006

If you subscribe to any Internet Marketing newsletter there is little doubt that you have seen someone mention Rich Schefren’s Internet Manifesto. I have been inundated with emails about it, but I really have not had the time to look at it until just the other day.

Much of the information is very similar to what I learned from Alex Mandossian about 3-4 years back, but I never implemented Alex’s advice. Overall, I highly recommend reading the Internet Manifesto. It’s completely free and Rich is providing it to all of us who won’t be able to afford his coaching. My guess is that most of us fall in that category. He hasn’t revealed the price for his coaching, but my guess is that it will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, his free book is for the rest of us.

I highly recommend it and suggest you go visit the site at:

The basic premise of the book is that most people’s business model stinks and that we should create a business model that maximizes the use of our time and money. It was a real wake call for me. I hope it helps you out as well…

New EasyBake Weblogs Course Starts July 19th

July 12, 2006

Just wanted to pass on a quick note that Andy Wibbels Easy Bake weblogs course is coming up soon. It is going to run on consecutive Wednesdays, by teleseminar on July 19, 26, August 2nd and 9th.

Andy’s course is good for beginners who want to start a blog, but don’t know where to begin. Most beginners can probably learn everything they need to learn by visiting Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog. But I know some beginners would prefer a more detailed step by step course like Andy’s Easy Bake Weblogs.

If you are interested, then click here to sign up for the the Easy Bake blog course.

Blogger Trades Paper Click for House

July 11, 2006

My wife Jill and I read this story last night about a blogger who kept trading things on the Internet until he got a free house. It’s a pretty entertaining story.

He started off by placing a classified ad on craigslist to trade his red paper click, and then he continued to trade each item he got in return for something he deemed more valuable until he got a free house.

Everyone is linking to his blog (including me). The publicity he is getting is priceless.

He has discovered a new way to make money online that I haven’t thought of. His story is a great example of a Purple Cow, if ever I saw one.

Our Homeschooling Contest Has Begun

July 9, 2006

Well, our know homeschooling contest has officially started. If you are a homeschooling mom or dad of if you know a little something about homeschooling and would like to enter our 500 dollar drawing, then head on over to and check out the details of our contest.

I will let you know how succesful our contest turns out to be, both from the standpoint of generating new content and more traffic.

Now, it’s time for me to head to bed…

Cha-cha-cha-changes July 7th week in review

July 7, 2006

Didn’t do a whole lot of work on any of the businesses this week, but there were a few changes for me this week.

The website for the business my wife and brother-in-law were creating is on hold, beause my brother-in-law is in negotiations to by the entire sealer business from the person we were going to be drop shipping from. So that business is on hold for us. This frees up some time for me over the next couple of weeks (which is a good thing).

We had a problem with the homeschooling wiki yesterday. Our web host changed something that made it so that we couldn’t edit pages. They fixed the problem quickly. I have been very happy with them for web hosting, because they always respond quickly to our questions.

It was interesting to see how Joel Comm launched his Instant Adsense Templates. He sold out of them in about 24 hours. I learned a few things about launching a new product from watching what he did. I don’t particularly like the limited supply (scaricity) hook he used, but it makes sense from both a customer point of view and a marketing point of view. From a customer point of view, you don’t want to have the web saturated with your template and similar content. From a marketing point of view, it helps you make sales if your customers have an incentive to buy now. Yanik Silver taught me that you will lose a lot of sales if your customers don’t have a reason to buy your product immediately. This is why so many businesses have limited offers, time sensitive offers, various sales, etc. It gives you a reason to buy now.

Anyway, next week I will probably spend most of the week working on promoting our homeschool wiki. Have a nice weekend…

Better Title for WordPress Blogs

July 6, 2006

A few weeks back I wrote about the code that I changed on some of my blogs to make the title more Search Engine Friendly.

One of my readers, Daniel Gattermann of Cinnamon Thoughts showed me an even easier way of doing this. All you have do is use this code:

<title><?php is_home() ? bloginfo('name') : wp_title(''); ?></title>

Thanks to Daniel for the update.

Netscape Traffic Update

July 6, 2006

Well, my traffic from Netscape has increased significantly since they went live. You might recall I mentioned that I only had 173 visitors from being on the front page of Netscape’s beta release. Well, since Netscape has gone live my visitor count from Netscape has gone up to 972 visitors, even though my post was taken off the front page.

I think getting an article listed on the new Netscape will really help your website traffic, especially if you stay on the front page. However, based on all the comments I got on my Netscape vs. Digg post, I think Netscape may need to change their site or they are going to lose a lot of their regular users.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Instant Adsense Templates Released – What are My Thoughts?

July 5, 2006

I hope everyone here in the States had a happy fourth (we did). Last night, we went out in the rain and shot of fireworks with the kids. I will never forget the expression on my four year old son’s face when he told me how much fun he was having. Not only was he getting to watch us light fireworks, but he was also getting to play in the rain. What could be better than that? Kids are amazing!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Joel Comm’s Instant Adsense Templates are out. Here are my latest thoughts on the templates:

  1. The price is great for the first 1000, and ok for the second 1000 people.
  2. Since 2000 people are getting these templates you will definitely need to change the content that is provided.
  3. This is excellent for people who are not very web savvy and/or less creative and/or want to get some free content.
  4. They are going to sell out fast.

If I buy the templates I would use them almost strictly for the content. I might wind out using a few of the blog or forum templates, but for the most part I would take the 2,413 pages of content, change it and create a blog or website with it.

I don’t think these templates are for everyone. I think that you MUST change the content in the templates to get your best use of them. You will also want to add some additional content and find a way to make your site unique (maybe by providing a free forum, blog or something else to go along with the website).

That said, I am seriously considering purchasing the Adsense templates for my personal use. I can see how they would come in handy and the early bird 197 dollar price is very hard to beat. I don’t think they are for everybody, but I can see some good ways that I could put them to use. Obviously, if I buy them I am not going to want to give away too much about what I do with them. But in general I would take the content alter it slightly, add to it and create a new site and/or ebook with the content.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts on the templates, based both on the sales letter and my sneak peek at some of the templates. You can click here to see the sales page for yourself.


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