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Wikipedia Removing Links

February 10, 2006

I just finished reading a post on Thread Watch, that one of the most highly regarded people in the SEO industry, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch, was treated like a spammer for adding links to an article on SEO. The Wikipedia editor’s reasoning was that they don’t want links to commercial sites. Yet not only do they list commercial sites in that article (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), but they also list commercial sites all over Wikipedia.

In the thread they mentioned something about creating print or dvd copies of the wikipedia. Guess it will be used for profit. Not a bad business plan, get other people to write your content for free, then sell it.

I went over to their article on the 2006 winter olympics and noticed that they had removed all but a few links in that article as well. There used to be a fairly comprehensive list of blogs, and other sites and now all those links are gone. It’s too bad, because it was more helpful with all the links. I liked to visit all the blogs and see what they were doing. And yes, my wife’s witner olympics blog was among the blogs previously listed in the article.

Oh well, it was not bringing in a ton of traffic anyway. At the moment, coolsiteoftheday and the link on AOL’s Winter Olympics home page are bringing in the most traffic from single links to her olympics blog. Most of her traffic comes from bookmarks (42.7 %) and Search Engines (48.7 %), the rest from links (8.4%).

Anyway it looks like Wikipedia may be in the process of a wholesale link removal. Too bad for all of us whose search rankings have been helped by the occasional link in the Wikipedia.

How Google determines the Order of Adsense Ads

February 10, 2006

Did you ever wonder why certain Adsense ads appear above other ads on your site?

The Google Adsense Blog has just answered that question. Excellent post for those who just have to know why? Click here to read the explanation?

Hope that proves helpful.

Yet Another New Blog

February 9, 2006

I just finished setting up another blog called “Positive Sports News“. Both Jill and I will posting to it and we hope to have others join us. The focus of the blog will be on positive sports stories. We hope that some of our regular readers from our Olympics Blog will become regular readers of our new blog, which is why I needed to get this blog finished before the Olympics were over.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

Persistence is the Key

February 9, 2006

Last night a reader asked me several questions about blogging and what it takes to make money from it. He also asked me:

“How long til you retire. Would it take 10k a month for a while and then stop. Or would you wait until you have retirement type money where you could retire doing this?”

Here is an excerpt from my response:

I don’t know that I would retire. I might hire other people to do most of the work, but I would enjoy the steady income stream. There are lots of ways to make money on the net. The one thing I can tell from reading lots of peoples stories is that it takes hard work, smart work (learning from people who have done it), persisitence, and time (for most people two years or more, for some only one year).

I read a story about successful business people and the one thing they all had in common was persistence. They failed and failed again, until eventually they got it right and made a huge success. For believers I think there is another important part, giving your business to God and remembering that everything we get is from God. I think God will reward that. At least, that is what it looks like to me.

What’s interesting is that before posting this, I decided to go see what Darren Rowse had posted for the day (Darren’s blog is becoming a daily read for me) and found this post. From reading his post, you can see that he works HARD!

While I think you can make good money with less effort, I believe that for the most part it does take a lot of work (at least up front work) to make money in any business venture. One way to alleviate the amount of work is to have other people do it for your, but it still takes time and effort to succeed.

Like I told my reader, “hard work, smart work, persistence and time are what you need to succeed.”

Won cool Site of the Day

February 9, 2006

Today my wife’s 2006 winter olympics blog won the Cool Site of the Day Award.

If you like her blog then go vote for it in the voting frame at Cool Site of the Day!

It’s not about Competition

February 8, 2006

As I mentioned in my last post, Jill got interviewed today by a radio person at the public radio show Weekend America. One of the questions she asked was,

“Who do you consider your primary competitors?”

Her answer was something like this,

“I don’t really look at other blogs as competitors. It’s not like that.”

What she said is SOOOOO true. Bloggers aren’t necessarily competitors. In fact, other bloggers can be your best source for business partners and friends. I don’t really look upon any of my businesses as having competitors, only potential partners. In the blogosphere, most bloggers will link to “competitors blogs” and vice versa, because it’s not about competition. It’s about providing quality information that everyone wants to read. It’s also about networking, making friends with other bloggers and cross promoting like minded blogs.

Now, yes there are some bloggers who don’t view things this way…

But they should!

Jill Interviewed by Public Radio

February 8, 2006

Just wanted to share this quick piece of information. My wfie Jill’s Olympic blog has been getting a lot of free exposure. Not only that but today Jill got interviewed by a radio person at the public radio show Weekend America.

Pretty cool.

One of the questions she was asked actually gave me an idea for a post, so look for another post soon.

Last Winter Olympics Trivia Quiz

February 5, 2006

Last night, I put up our final weekly Winter Olympics Quiz.

This week, I am going to spend some time on some of my other sites. But mainly I will be doing some initial design work on our next blog. I want to get it ready before the end of the olympics. You will understand why when I announce it.

Following this week, I will be focusing on the Winter Olympics Blog, because there will be SOO much to cover during those two weeks.


Google Adsense Optimization Tips for Blogs

February 3, 2006

I am little late on this story, but I and my family have been ill this week. Google’s Adsense blog recently came up with their optimization tips for bloggers here.

My two favorite blogs dedicated to the business of blogging have posted their thoughts on this optimization chart. Darren Rowse (of Problogger) wrote his respone here and Nick Wilson of Performancing posted his comments here.

My only comment is that most bloggers report the best performance when ads are in their left navigation and when the ads blend in with their navigation (same color background, etc.). I have found the ads to perform well when they are in the content, blend in with the content, and are above the fold. But keep in mind I have not thoroughly tested ads in the left navigation yet.

What are you most interested in?

February 1, 2006

I just added a poll to this blog. The question for my first poll is “What information are you most interested in?”

I want to know what you would like to read about on this site. If there is something missing from the poll, then please leave me your comments.

I added the poll to make this blog more interactive. Polls are one of the ways to keep people coming back and interested in your site. The polls we have had on our Winter Olympics blog have had a lot of votes.

We are preparing the blogathon on our new blog that will occur during the winter olympics. For one thing, I plan on putting up a new poll everyday during the olympics. So a couple of days ago I had to brainstorm some general olympic questions, in case we could not think of a good poll question relevant to that day’s action.

That’s it for now…

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