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Just in case you were wondering

February 28, 2006

I mentioned in my last post that I am now going to be giving away for free the contents of my ebook on my new website promotion blog.

In case you were wondering, I was making about $100 in sales/month on my book. However, my wife Jill brought up the idea of putting my entire book online and making money through advertising, affiliate links and Google Adsense. After thinking it over, I decided that Jill had a GREAT idea.

With my current levels of traffic I would be surprised if I don’t make 5 to 10 times more money with the blog. I really expect a lot more traffic as well, because of the fact that I will be giving away the information for FREE!

Free content will always get more natural links to your site than a product page will get.

Time will tell if this was a good move or not.

I must make it clear that I do not in any way, shape, or form believe that converting your paid ebook to a free online book or blog is right for everyone. In fact, I believe that most ebooks are better off being paid products.

In this particular case, I think converting this book to a blog is a good decision. If I was willing to change the sales message, raise the price of the book, and/or narrow the scope of the book, keeping it online as a book might have worked out. However, I felt like posting this information for free on a blog was the fastest and easiest way, for me to increase my online earnings.

Content is King, Long live Informational Sites

February 27, 2006

I just read this great post by Aaron Wall, regarding the reasons informational sites have higher Search Engine rankings than e-commerce/storefront sites.

I have started reading Aaron’s blog over the past several months, and it really is full of great information. I have decided to join his affiliate program and because of this I have made big changes to my website promotion book site.

What are those changes?

I am going to be giving the contents of my book away for FREE! I will be changing the monetization model to earn profit from advertising and affiliate programs. I will be doing this through my new website promotion blog.
Go check it out by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Quick update on Our Olympic Blog Earnings

February 27, 2006

I have not totaled up all of the money that we have made from the Olympics blog, but I do know that it is somewhere around 3 thousand dollars. Not bad for two months of part time work on a blog. Albeit, during the Olympics it was closer to a full-time job.

I learned a lot from the experience and I will be writing about what I learned over the coming weeks. I also plan on adding up all the profit from our winter olympics blog and posting the final numbers by the end of the week.

Blog Wild

February 24, 2006

I forgot to mention this when it came out, but Andy Wibbel has a new book called Blog Wild. You can download a 20 page excerpt from it by visiting his blog.

My favorite part of Andy’s blog are the audio interviews he holds with other experts. I should add audio and/or video to some of my blogs one day. I think it is a great way to get more traffic and keep people coming back to your website or blog.

Google Web Sites

February 23, 2006

For those of you wanting to build a website for free. I just read on Seth Godin’s blog that Google has just released a new tool called Google Page Creator where you can create your own web pages.

According to Google it is still in testing, so you may want to hold off on using it until it is out of the testing phase.

Opt-in Match Up

February 20, 2006

Just got an email from Alex Mandosian about this contest he is doing. He is running a free teleseminar tomorrow night, where he and Tellman Knudson will be revealing their opt-in secrets.

I think it would be fun to attend and see what tips they have for building an opt-in list. Anyway, when you sign up they give you an affiliate link for the contest that you can pass on to other people. To sign up for the teleseminar click here.

It looks like the site is going to be used to promote other similar matches. What a good idea for a website.


Setting up Two New Olympics Sites

February 20, 2006

My wife Jill has enjoyed writing about the 2006 winter olympics so much on our 2006 Winter Olympic Games blog, that we are starting up two new sites:

Where she will cover future summer and winter olympic games. It should be fun and profitable for us.

After the Olympics, it will be time to take a step back and take a look at the direction we want to go with our online businesses.

Jill Interviewed

February 16, 2006

Jill was interviewed by the Washington Post newspaper yesterday about her olympics blog. They were interviewing her because of her post about watching american idol instead of the Winter Olympics. They were doing research for a story about the television networks deciding to run regular programming instead of running repeats against the Olympics .

The interview eventually turned into a much longer interview about blogging, etc. I will let you know if the post ever runs the story and includes any quotes from Jill.

How much money is Big Money?

February 15, 2006

If you just came across this blog today, or if you have been reading it for a while, you may be wondering what I consider to be “Big Money”.

To answer this quesion, I decided to add a new page to this site. Go check it out and find out what I consider to be big money.

The Exception to the Rule – Choosing a Niche

February 14, 2006

Internet marketing gurus will all tell you that you should start a website or blog about a topic that you LOVE. Well, there are almost always exceptions to the rule and this rule is no different…

In general it is good to write about what you love. It is good to sell products that you are interested in, to write about things that interest you. It will help keep you interested in the business longterm, but…

There is almost ALWAYS an exception to the rule.

The blogging mantra “write about what you love” does have exceptions. Let’s take for example, my wife Jill who writes for 4 blogs:

2006 Winter Olympics Blog, Positive Sports News,
My Vegetarian Recipe of the Day, and Natural Family News

Jill loves to research. She loves to search for things on the Internet and learn about things she doesn’t already know about. In Jill’s case, she can start a blog about anything that is not morally offensive to her and enjoy it. For Jill the fun is in the research.

The good thing about this is that the things that most interest her are NOT interests that are easy to monetize. Yes, you could monetize them, but there are things she is not as interested in that are MUCH easier to monetize and that she will have just as much fun researching.

So, if you are like my Jill and love researching, you can create an almost limitless number of topics that you will enjoy writing about. For the rest of us, we have to stick to writing what we love to write about. Otherwise, we will be “short-term” bloggers.

There is an exception to this exception! If you are someone who gets bored easily and tends to be interested in one topic and then lose interest after a while. If you are this type of person, then blogging may not be for you. A better solution would be to create a traditional website with content, promote it, and then move on to your next site.

PS. You may wondering how I had time to write this post? Here’s the secret:

I wrote it last week, before the Olympics started.

Interviews Increase Traffic

February 13, 2006

Interviewing people is a great way to draw traffic to your site. When people find the interview interesting, they will link to the interview and pass it along to other people they know through email. We set up an interview with the Porridge Men for the Olympics and we just posted it on our Olympic Blog.

You can read it here. For those interested in the Olympics and/or music it’s an excellent read.

Additional note: It helps out the people being interviewed as well.

Phew… Olympics keeping us ultra busy

February 12, 2006

So the Winter Olympics are keeping us VERY busy. We get a lot of comments through the day. A lot of the comments are questions about various aspects of the Olympic games, which gives us that much more work to do.

As a result of my dismay with Wikipedia and the DMOZ’s listings of Torino Winter Olympics sites, I decided to create my own list and add it to our new site. I figure that since I would find a list like this useful, other people would as well. I need to add more fan sites, but it’s a good start.

For the next several weeks I will be busy with the Olympics. During the Olympics I will try to post about any useful information I find around the net that has to do with making money online.


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