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Quick Update and Drop-Shipping Tip

January 28, 2006

I just finshed posting this week’s Winter Olympics trivia quiz for my wife’s blog.

I also have changed a bunch of prices on her and her friend’s baby gift site. If you decide to go into drop-shipping products I strongly suggest that you consider finding products that are not seasonal and don’t change often. That way you won’t have to change the product line and prices very often and you can concentrate on other things.

It’s past my bed time, so talk at ya later…

Setting Up New Blog and My Parents are Coming to Visit

January 26, 2006

My parents are coming into town this weekend. So I took the day off to get some errands run and to clean up around the house. I am also starting to design our next blog. Both my wife Jill and I are fairly excited about it, but we probably won’t do much with it until after the Olympics are over.

I finished creating our next Olympics trivia quiz, which I will be putting up on the weekend. We have been treating the Olympic Blog as a second job, which is really paying off so far.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Darren tells his story of becoming a pro blogger

January 25, 2006

I just finished reading this post where Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger discusses the journey he has taken to becoming a professional blogger.

It is an AWESOME read, with a ton of valuable information. Some of the points Darren makes apply not only to blogging, but also to other online businesses.

One of the most important points you can get from this post is that it takes time and effort to build a business. There are very few overnight successes and even in the “overnight success” cases there is almost always hard work involved.

Even though the post is a little on the long side, I highly recommend you take the time to go read Darren’s story.

Copycat Marketing

January 24, 2006

I just read this great post on Michel Fortin’s blog about differentiating your marketing from others. It is an excellent read, especially for those of us who buy/read Internet marketing gurus how to books. Click here to read the post for yourself.

Blog Polls

January 23, 2006

Last night I installed the democracy blog poll plug-in for wordpress on our 2006 Winter Olympics Blog.

It worked great. It only works in the sidebar and not in posts, but I am very happy with it.

The free polling system we were using on our blog was displaying tons of ads that we weren’t comfortable with, so we stopped using them and removed all the previous polls from our blog.

Darren Rowse of problogger mentioned an interesting polling system last week called dpolls. Check out his post for more information on it. It looks like a good option as well.

Male – Female Web Habits

January 23, 2006

I came across this recent study that men and women use the Internet an equal amount of time. It also showed that men tend to use the net for solitary pursuits, whereas women tend to use the web for building relationships.

The study is a good read for those interested in Internet Marketing. Check it out by clicking here.

New Recipe Blog

January 22, 2006

I told you I have been busy. I just finished setting up a new blog for my wife Jill. It’s called My Vegetarian Recipe of the Day.

Jill figured that she cooks vegetarian food everday, so why not write the recipes down online. I thought it was a good idea and now we have yet another blog.

Got so much going on

January 21, 2006

So much is going on business wise.

Anyway, I just finished creating our fourth weekly winter olympics trivia quiz. You can take it now, by clicking here.

I will try to catch you up on everything else later in the week.

Sneak Peak at my Revenue

January 19, 2006

In my next newsletter I am going to give my newsletter subscribers a sneak peak at how much money my wife and I have made to date from our winter olympics blog. If you are interested in getting this sneak peak then you should go sign up for my website marketing newsltter.

In other news, I have been moving some of the Google Adsense ads to a more prominent position on my dinosaur website and I have been adding products to my wife and her friend’s organic baby gift site. Their drop ship supplier has added a ton of new organic products, so it is going to take a while to completely update their site.

Also, I just finished buying a new domain for a future blog on iPowerWeb Hosting. More about the new blog when it is ready.

Suffice it to say I have been busy. I look forward to getting a good break from work on Saturday.


Put up new Olympics Quiz

January 18, 2006

My wife and I had some time alone with just the two of us (and baby). Our 4 other children stayed with Jill’s mom. We had a nice relaxing time. We also limited our computer time. So I wanted to let you know that right before we took our mini-vacation I put up our weekly Winter Olympics trivia quiz.

We are making some pretty good money from the Winter Olympics blog so far. I will reveal the details on our earnings a week or two after the Olympics end.

I have a bunch of other things to do this week, like my books (yuck!).


The Affiliate Classroom Review

January 14, 2006

First, I wanted to start with the bad news…

I don’t think the Affiliate Classroom has much to offer the experienced affiliate marketer. I was a little bit disappointed about this, but it’s not too suprising. It’s really difficult to come up with new and unique information for people who are already very knowledgeable in their field.

Now for the good news…

The Affiliate Classroom is loaded with information that can help beginners.

My personal favorite part of the Affiliate Classroom is the case studies. The case studies review various affiliate marketing products/techniques and give honest feedback on their results. If you join the affiliate classrrom, you MUST read the case studies.

Another thing I like are the monthly interviews. Lot’s of good information in them. I was very happy with them. However, many of the people in these interview/telesiminars I have heard give teleseminars with other Internet marketers. In fact, the teleseminars that Yanik Silver gives when you sign up for his Underground Seminar newsletter are very similar.

The conference calls are very unique and should really help the beginning affiliate marketer. They are live conference calls intended to help you in your affiliate marekting.

The affiliate classroom, has lots of ebooks and information in it that teach you everything from HTML to Search Engine Optimization. With all the tutorials and books available in the affiliate classroom, a beginner really has everything they need to start up a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can ask questions directly to the affiliate classroom coaches or you can ask questions on the private forum and get back answers directly from the owner Anik. The advice in the private forum is really good and I think it would definitely be beneficial to beginners.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, I suggest that before joining the Affiliate Classroom you read through the free sitesell book The Affiliate Masters Course. Then if you are still interested in affiliate marketing, but you feel like you need more help and/or personal coaching, then you should join the affiliate classroom. My guess is that most beginners would probably learn a lot for the first 3 to 12 months of their membership.

While there are some pretty interesting tidbidts of information for seasoned affiliate marketers, I think the affiliate classroom is best suited for beginners. I think most beginners interested in earning money from affiliate programs could learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing by signing up and taking a look at their materials. The price is pretty cheap for a subscription site, especially one with free mentoring and so much information. Right now, you can get a 2 week trial membership for a dollar. If you like it keep going, if not cancel your membership and get your dollar back.

Chitika Audit Complete

January 13, 2006

I just read over at Jensense that Chitika has completed their revenue auditing for November and December of 2005. I was happy to see that my audited revenues were only 9.5 percent lower than my unaudited revenues.

So here are my thoughts on Chitika vs. Google Adsense…

Google Adsense is MUCH better than Chitika. If you are going to use Chitika, I recommend using your prime web real estate for Adsense ads and that you place Chitika ads in other places that make sense.

Chitika has had a lot of bad press. They probably should have waited to roll out their services until their processes were better. However, their ad system is very unique and I like the way Chitika ads work. I just hope that Chitika can vastly improve their services (really soon). Otherwise, they may not stay afloat very long.

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