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Chitika Auditing Process

Written by George Manty  · December 20, 2005

I have not been with Chitika very long, but ever since joining I have been reading about Chitika’s auditing process. I was hoping to go through an audit myself before discussing this, but I wanted to make you aware that some people have reported a BIG percentage of their Chitika earnings being cut following the Chitika auditing process. People have reported losing as much as 90 percent of their unaudited revenue from a Chitika audit.

What is a Chitika Audit?

Basically, once a month Chitika audits the clicks that it gets from all of it’s publishers sites. Then Chitika removes all the revenue from clicks that Chitika deem invalid. According to Chitika, invalid clicks include clicks that come from unsupported countries like China, and repeated clicks from the same IP address.

My current thinking is that Chitika is still probably a worthwhile advertising method for most blogs and websites focused on products . However, you need to spend a good amount of time testing Chitika and then wait for the audited revenue reports before making a decision about using Chitika eMiniMalls long term.

I will let you know how much of my earnings are audited when my earnings go through the auditing process. For now, I want to send you to some other discussions on this topic:

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Oh, also this week I am in the proces of setting up a new blog for my wife. I will let you know how that goes…

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