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Chitika tricks, tips – Advice from my testing

Written by George Manty  · November 20, 2005

I have spent the last ten days testing out Chitika eMiniMalls and the results are pretty good. I have seen very similar results to what other webmasters have been reporting.

My Google Adsense earnings were not affected on the pages I placed Chitikita eMiniMalls on. So on the pages I added Chitikita eMiniMalls I pretty much doubled my profits. Some people have reported seeing their Adsense revenue fall on pages with both Adsense and Chitikita eMiniMalls, but they were reporting an increase in total profit because of the combined earnings of Adsense and the Chitikita eMiniMalls.

My feeling is that using Chitika eMiniMalls in combination with Google Adsense is the way to go for most content sites, although some product focused sites may do better with only Chitikita eMiniMalls.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks I learned during the last ten days of using Chitikita eMiniMalls:

1. Ads above the fold perform WAY better then ads below the fold.

Placing an ad above the fold means to place the ads on your web page where they can be seen without scrolling down. Ads towards the bottom of your page (below the fold) don’t work nearly as well. This is the case with Adsense as well as Chitikita eMiniMalls and comes as no surprise.

2. Choose keywords that are relevant.

I tested some ads using less relevant, higher paying items and they got fewer clicks than the ads that I created using relevant keywords. The more relevant keywords paid off better, because more people clicked on them. This is what one would expect, but I tested it just to make sure. So when selecting keywords for your Chitikita eMiniMalls ads make them as relevant as possible. For instance, if you have a website about video games and you choose the keyword “baby shower” in your ad, you will not make nearly as much money.

3. Make sure the Chitikita eMiniMalls blend into your site.

The ads should not be all over the page and should look nice on your site. This is just a general rule of advertising. People aren’t going to click on ads that are all over the place.

4. Ads on product pages perform better.

I have read in quite a few places that Chitikita eMiniMalls ads placed on product pages perform better than ads placed on non-product pages and my testing indicated this was true. However, I did get good results on high traffic non-product based pages as well, just not as good as on the product related pages.

If you run a content based site, I highly recommend checking out Chitika eMiniMalls. I am very pleased with the results that I am getting. Having Chitikita eMiniMalls on my site is helping me to make more money online without much more work.

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