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Adsense Alternative – Chitika eMiniMalls

Written by George Manty  · November 10, 2005

Chitika eMiniMalls is becoming a very popular advertising alternative to Google Adsense. Not only that but if you use them in their default mode you can display Chitika eMiniMalls ads and Adsense on your website or blog.

In default mode Chitika eMiniMalls serve up ads based on the keywords you enter. For example, below is a Chitika eMiniMalls ad that I created using the keywords “web hosting” and “computer”.

Ads like the one above are quickly becoming very popular. I am testing them out on some of my sites and will let you know how they fare vs. the Adsense ads. From what I understand Chitika eMiniMalls perform best on sites that are product based. However, some people have had good results with Chitika eMiniMalls on non product based sites.


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