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Stay focused on Your Goals

Written by George Manty  · October 10, 2005

It is very easy for me to lose focus on my ultimate goals in my business and in life, by getting sidetracked with other things. I sometimes find myself working too much on my business and neglecting other aspects of my life. In fact, sometimes I find myself focusing on things besides my business and/or work and neglecting more important things (like my family).

We all need balance in our life and need to stay focused on what is really important to us.

Recently, I was searching for something marketing related and found this awesome blog post by Alice Seba. It is a great post to read for those of us who sometimes can focus too much on our business.

Alice Seba also gives sound advice in her semi-retirement post about outsourcing and hiring a virtual assistant on her blog. Outsourcing some of my work is something I have been considering recently, so the timing of stumbling across this blog was pretty convenient.

It’s pretty good reading. Hope you enjoy it!

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