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Increase My Newsletter Subscriber Base

Written by George Manty  · October 7, 2005

It’s been over a week since the hurricane evacuation and I have taken a bit of hiatus from business. I did spend some time trying to update my wife’s business shopping cart and it turned out that even the newest version does not support Paypals new merchant account. So back to the drawing board for that…

The main thing I have been doing for my business recently is brainstorming ways to increase my newsletter subscriber base.

I am weighing the pluses and minuses of various techniques. However, I am leaning towards running a limited time promotion giving away a free product to my newsletter subscribers in exchange for sending me 3-5 new subscribers. The reason I am leaning towards this is that it will take the least amount of time and effort on my part and should give me instant results.

Other possibilities include:

1. Running a contest
2. Cross promoting newsletters with other newsletter owners (will probably do this as well at some point)
3. Writing a free ebook that anyone can distribute and give away to their subscribers/website visitors

Right now, I am leaning towards the giveaway, and then possibly at some later points in time doing number 2 and 3.

Why do I want to Increase my subscriber base?

Well, the thing is that just about every Internet Marketer I have ever heard speak (and that’s a lot of them) has said that the single most important thing that contributed to their success is their newsletter mailing lists.

The reason for this is that your newsletter subscribers are (or should be) your target audience. Having subscribers who are interested in the products you market gives you a great opportunity to introduce them to products that will help them achieve their goals and put money in your bank account. It’s a win/win situation for you and your subscribers.

Additionally, your newsletter/ezine list members are likely to trust you more than the average stale website, because you have been writing to them for a while and building a relationship with them.

There are other reasons, but suffice it to say that recently I have been pounded with the message that I should grow my subscriber list. Usually when something like that happens, I take it as a sign from above that I should take action on this message.

I plan on posting a lot more over the coming months. See ya…

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