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Note about Hurricane Katrina relief shelters

Written by George Manty  · September 11, 2005

My wife Jill Manty created a new blog on last night called Alternative Giving.

Living in the Houston area one of the things we discovered is that many of the shelters are not supported by the Red Cross for various reasons including all of the red tape you have to go through to become a certified Red Cross shelter. Most of the people we know here in Houston are spending a lot of their free time helping out at the shelters. The people in this city (and probably the other cities helping out) are experiencing strain of their time and money resources.

So my wife Jill decided there needed to be a way for people outside of Texas to support these shelters that aren’t well-advertised. Jill is posting contact information about these non-Red Cross shelters so people can contact them and help them out. Check out her site at

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