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Manually upgrading Shopping Cart

Written by George Manty  · September 4, 2005

I have started to manually upgrade the shopping cart (Cart32) for my wife and her friend’s baby website. Today, I printed out all the settings for the current shopping cart. Hopefully, the update will be quick. It’s too bad her web host couldn’t update the shopping cart themselves in a quicker time frame. At least I can create a new cart from scratch using the latest version of the shopping cart. This way my wife’s busines will be able to take credit cards directly from her site using PayPal’s new merchant account system. We expect this to double their sales.

Also, my parents are visiting over the weekend and my Father told me an idea for a business I could create. It sounds like a good idea, but at some point it is going to involve either getting venture capital to fund parts of it, or a partnership with another major company. I am going to investigate it more, because I believe it could be a multi-million dollar business.

That’s pretty much it for now. I have been very busy with other things lately.

I will let you kow how the shopping cart update goes.

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