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Airport Brainstorming

Written by George Manty  · July 24, 2005

Tonight, I picked up our eleven year old son Matthew who flew back from his trip to Washington to visit his biological father. We are very glad he is back. Anyway, I brought my Internet marketing notebook with me to the airport so I could brainstorm some things, and make a few business plans.

While I was waiting in the airport I came up with ideas for about 8 to 9 posts I want to make on this site. That was pretty good. I will be creating these posts over the next two weeks or so.

Also, while I was there I went through some old notes I took when attending various Internet marketing teleconferences. Anyway, after going through my notes I came away with some ideas and a few more things I want to write about both in this blog and in my website marketing newsletter. I feel like I made really good use of my time at the airport. I think I should spend more time doing “airport brainstorming”. In other words brainstorming when I would otherwise be doing nothing.

It’s really late again, so I need to head off to sleep. The really good thing is that tomorrow morning I will get to see Matthew when I wake up. It’s good to have him back!

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One Response to “Airport Brainstorming”

  1. Nick on September 22nd, 2011 4:32 pm

    I tend to fly about these days, and I too seem to come up with a lot of ideas while at the airport. Perhaps there’s something in it? Who knows…