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Written by George Manty  · July 18, 2005

I have been real busy with my 9-5 job the past couple of days. I am a Java developer during the day and we are in a crunch time. It’s unfortunate, because I have so much that I want to tell you about.

After posting about affiliate programs, I received some questions about them. I wanted to answer some of those questions this week. Hopefully, I will get an oppurtunity to do so.

In the mean time, I wanted to let you know that the BEST affiliate book I have ever read and that I highly recommend is FREE. Yes, that’s right it is FREE. It really helped me get started making money online and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in affiliate marketing. It is the SBI Affiliate Masters Course. They just released a new version of it for 2005. So go check it out.

This book really is an excellent way to learn about Affiliate Marketing. Used in combination with my website promotion book, you can definitely make money online.

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