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Make Money Online – Where to Begin?

Written by George Manty  · July 12, 2005

So, where do I begin. Well, this week I am working on helping my wife and her friend set up a new business website to complement their organic baby gift site.

The first thing I had to do was figure out what host to use. I have used several different hosts, but for my wife’s new site (and this site) we decided to go with iPowerWeb Hosting. It is actually more than sufficient for a blogging site. However, if you don’t know anything at all about web design I recommend going with a host like SiteSell’s SBI, because it is very user friendly.

After selecting a host, we had to select WordPress themes for our blogs. WordPress is the blogging software that comes with iPowerWeb and it is very easy to use. That said, I don’t recommend making changes to themes unless you know what you are doing. I know HTML and it was time consuming trying to modify themes to look the way I wanted them to. We went through several themes before deciding on the one we went with for her site. We found our themes at Alex King’s site.

My wife Jill started posting yesterday on her and her friend Laura’s new blog called, Natural Family News.

Jill has sent out her new site information to some friends and I have started submitting her site to this long list of places (over 100) you can submit your blog and/or RSS feed to.

Well, it is getting late so I need to call it a night. Tomorrow, I plan on letting you know how I am integrating Google® Adsense® into our blogs and how much money her site has made in the first couple of days. Over the next several months, I plan on letting you know how much money this site makes online as well.


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