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Yahoo Advertising

October 27, 2005

Yahoo’s PPC (Pay Per Click) system has recently changed. Yahoo has removed their minimum spend requirement. Yahoo used to require you to spend at least $20 a month on advertising, but they have dropped this requirement. Google has never had a minimum spend, which has made Google Adwords more appealing to the mom and pop online businesses.

This is really great news for smaller shops that want to try out Yahoo’s online advertising services and people who don’t want to advertise year round, especially people who sell seasonal goods and services.

Brandable Viral Ebook

October 25, 2005

Something I am stongly considering doing is creating a viral brandable ebook to help promote both this site and/or my website promotion book. I am still throwing around ideas, but creating a viral ebook that other Internet Marketers could brand themselves should really help promote my sites.

Another possibility is to use a viral ebook to promote my next online business venture. Either way, I think I will eventually wind out creating a viral brandable ebook to promote one or more of my websites.

So far the best program I have come across to create a viral ebook is viral pdf. It offers everything I would need and it comes highly recommended.

For the next several months I am planning on focusing my efforts on making more money with my current websites before I start any new online ventures.

Anyway, I have to get to bed. See ya…

Google Link Units Update

October 20, 2005

This is a quick update on my last post on Google Link Units. Since adding Google link units to our blogs, both blogs are making more money from Adsense per visitor. So it appears that Google Link units are definitely worthwhile.

That’s all for now…

Added Google Link Units

October 12, 2005

Last night, I made a quick change to this blog and my wife and her friend’s blog (Natural Family News).

What I did was add Google Adsense Link Units to the top of our blogs. Basically, what the link units do is allow your visitors to click on a link and get a list of a bunch of related paid advertisements. If they click on one of those advertisements you get paid a percentage of the click.

If you are interested in learning more about using Adsense on your site, I recommend checking out SiteSell’s Google Adsense pages. Aother excellent source for information on Adsense is the JenSense blog.

Stay focused on Your Goals

October 10, 2005

It is very easy for me to lose focus on my ultimate goals in my business and in life, by getting sidetracked with other things. I sometimes find myself working too much on my business and neglecting other aspects of my life. In fact, sometimes I find myself focusing on things besides my business and/or work and neglecting more important things (like my family).

We all need balance in our life and need to stay focused on what is really important to us.

Recently, I was searching for something marketing related and found this awesome blog post by Alice Seba. It is a great post to read for those of us who sometimes can focus too much on our business.

Alice Seba also gives sound advice in her semi-retirement post about outsourcing and hiring a virtual assistant on her blog. Outsourcing some of my work is something I have been considering recently, so the timing of stumbling across this blog was pretty convenient.

It’s pretty good reading. Hope you enjoy it!

Underground Seminar is Back

October 9, 2005

Yanik Silver is running another Underground Online Seminar. Looks very interesting yet again. For more information click here.

You should check out the sales page. It’s rather unorthodox. I would be very interested in knowing how well it converts visitors into customers.

Increase My Newsletter Subscriber Base

October 7, 2005

It’s been over a week since the hurricane evacuation and I have taken a bit of hiatus from business. I did spend some time trying to update my wife’s business shopping cart and it turned out that even the newest version does not support Paypals new merchant account. So back to the drawing board for that…

The main thing I have been doing for my business recently is brainstorming ways to increase my newsletter subscriber base.

I am weighing the pluses and minuses of various techniques. However, I am leaning towards running a limited time promotion giving away a free product to my newsletter subscribers in exchange for sending me 3-5 new subscribers. The reason I am leaning towards this is that it will take the least amount of time and effort on my part and should give me instant results.

Other possibilities include:

1. Running a contest
2. Cross promoting newsletters with other newsletter owners (will probably do this as well at some point)
3. Writing a free ebook that anyone can distribute and give away to their subscribers/website visitors

Right now, I am leaning towards the giveaway, and then possibly at some later points in time doing number 2 and 3.

Why do I want to Increase my subscriber base?

Well, the thing is that just about every Internet Marketer I have ever heard speak (and that’s a lot of them) has said that the single most important thing that contributed to their success is their newsletter mailing lists.

The reason for this is that your newsletter subscribers are (or should be) your target audience. Having subscribers who are interested in the products you market gives you a great opportunity to introduce them to products that will help them achieve their goals and put money in your bank account. It’s a win/win situation for you and your subscribers.

Additionally, your newsletter/ezine list members are likely to trust you more than the average stale website, because you have been writing to them for a while and building a relationship with them.

There are other reasons, but suffice it to say that recently I have been pounded with the message that I should grow my subscriber list. Usually when something like that happens, I take it as a sign from above that I should take action on this message.

I plan on posting a lot more over the coming months. See ya…